The Last Supper
A Predictive Model for San Francisco Restaurants

Last October, San Francisco eclipsed New York City by claiming seven Michelin three-star restaurants, and 55 total restaurants with Michelin stars. The Bay Area has unequivocally become a haven for restaurants that are equal parts creative, ambitious and expensive.

But what has happened to the broader set of reasonable, modest businesses that battle minimum wages hikes, soaring rent costs, and health care policies implemented by the city? Using demographic and business information and overlaying observations in social media sentiment, we have mapped out trends in business viability, and located areas where, and how restaurants can be expected to survive in an increasingly challenging market.

Using these renderings, you might even be able to find your next favorite spot in time to check it out, and save it before it goes under.

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  • Thanks @droxey for being an awesome instructor and teaching us everything
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